A beautiful alpine flower like a snow flake

Green blue grey – A romantic and spiritual journey

Pizzo Emet: on the Italy-Switzerland Border

Soul-stirring beauty of nature envelopes me in its embrace. A profound connection with the untamed elements that surround me. My senses awake to the raw purity of the landscape, the very essence of the earth infuses my being. Vivid and diverse colors of vegetation, a unique work of art. Dance of ice and time rushes forward with a sense of urgency. Uneasy: as witnessing the spectacle of alpine flora, a delicate masterpiece nurtured by centuries of balance, may become impossible due to the rapid melting of glaciers.

Not just photos: Pizzo Emet enchanted us with its colors and vitality, so we also made a video that chronicles the entire day.

For further information: If you’re seeking more insights into this remarkable but dangerous excursion, read the article by my companion in this adventure, Daniele Bonfanti, on his website. You’ll find an account of the journey to Pizzo Emet, complete with valuable tips.