About me

I’m an Italian-born adventurer, photographer, editor and now debut author, carving a path that intertwines life’s extremes and creative ventures.

I have done so many things that sometimes I lose count. So many books and projects I’ve worked to behind-the-scenes, since 2006 and the experience in Italian indie cult publisher Edizioni XII. A career in healthcare, an experience that endowed me with profound insights into life and death, enriching my storytelling with depth and authenticity. At 42, a mother of three, the big step, I embraced the uncertainty of self-employment to pursue my passion for creativity, working for three years as a marketing consultant and then co-founding Bee Lab, a storytelling studio, with my husband and usual sidekick Daniele Bonfanti.

Today, I tap from my life experiences to feed my newborn narrative: from Alpine ultratrails and glaciers to surfing Atlantic waves.

I live in Lanzarote, Canary Islands, with my husband and daughters.

“Urlan: Cosmic Cat,” my feline leap into the publishing’s world, reached #1 in Amazon.com’s Best Sellers in Comics, Manga & Graphic Novels.