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    Urlan, Cosmic Cat

    An AI-Illustrated Experiment Graphic Novella and Essay(2024, Bee Lab; with Daniele Bonfanti)English language About the Book: An AI-Illustrated Experiment to showcase what can be done at the end of 2023 through human-AI collaboration. A short but complete SF/horror comic book, ripe with action and also featuing a fun Making Of and an interview with the AI artist! Urlan, Cosmic Cat is a ground-breaking exploration of AI-human collaboration in graphic storytelling. Written, edited, lettered by Daniele Bonfanti and Valentina Kay, the art has been fully realized with OpenAI’s Dall-E 3 through the ChatGPT Pro interface. A short but complete space adventure which weaves the emerging technology’s strengths and weaknesses into narrative solutions.…

  • Flower of the bush of the mysterious rocks in Lanzarote

    Website sprouting!

    Welcome to my website. It’s still empty, I know. But it’s online and that’s something already. Soon, you will find my stories and art in the section Oramata. Oneira will host my weirdest and more interesting dreams. And photos of places I go will find a home in the section Taxidia. It’s going to be clean and simple. I hope you’ll like it.